Why M&SH

To assist in several areas:

  1. All sectors of the industry require additional exposure with a view to generating increased sales/occupancies/profitability as well as improving the overall awareness of the client’s product and brand in the market to be “top of mind”.   This was found to be true of all market segments and covered a wide range of service providers regardless of their existing branding and sales/marketing platforms.
  2. All service providers in the tourism industry are aware that additional exposure is required but to accommodate this the corresponding funds and skills have to sourced.  This is often difficult to finance and not pursued by the service provider as a result of factors such as; budget constraints, declining occupancies, rate of exchange, staffing costs, redundancy costs and general economic uncertainties that exist.
  3. The most tangible finding, over and above budget concerns was staffing of a Sales force and the conservative management to this aspect of the business.  The lack of activity and commitment in this arena, although understandable in uncertain times, reflected a disproportionate decline to the bottom line of the service provider.  This fact became even more evident where the service provider had reduced and made changes to the sales structure with a view to cost cutting and reducing overheads.  (It should be remembered that the tourism industry is both highly competitive and fast moving and over and above generating business, field staff should keep the service provider abreast of change in the market place thus avoiding internal decisions being made that could make the organization uncompetitive.)


To market the services of a restricted number of selected premier clients from the tourism industry: hotels, lodges, resorts and venues.

To assist members of the industry in two areas:

  1. Those members looking for exposure by increasing the existing sales structure
    while allowing the flexibility and expansion of their footprint in the market place without employing full time staff.
  2. Those members looking for exposure while being restricted by budget constraints.